5 times fashion brands broke stereotypes on the ramp


hard-wearing smiles on burnt faces 

Eight brave survivors of acid hit walked the ramp for the ‘Survivors Runway’ show launch by the charity Action Aid last year. This live stream fashion show in London fly in men, women and a teenager from Bangladesh to locate up a remarkable act of non-cooperation against perpetrators of this shocking misdeed.

The dazzling rich colors of their clothes spoke of the flexible glimmer that still burns in these fighters. Their stories summary people to tears and obligated them to think about the terrible human thirst for retribution. Narun Nahr, a 35-year-old woman had acid thrown on her just because she refuses to go home with her husband and his new wife.

Individuals of us who worry over a fat nose, thin lips and dark skin cannot still visualize the horror these women had to go throughout. up till now here they are significant us there is inside beauty too. The attacker may have burnt their bodies and faces but these survivors acquire pride in their minds.

Were you truly calling for attention? 

Most recent year at the Fashion Week, the Survivors faith show ‘Guilty Clothes’ was promote by means of the lines most challenging fashion show ever” and emphasizing on words such as ‘erotic’ and ‘tease’. The predictable audience were puzzled when they observed that the clothes these models sport were not erotic at all.The trust fashioned this project to establish how society blindly makes an statement that clothing provoke rape. The show convey a strong message that neither the clothes nor the girl trying them should be damned for being raped.

The models were wearing clothes in garments which were encouraged by the clothes sexual physical attack victims wore when attack.  In addition, the show ran a appearance of rape survivors who shared their personal stories and exposed their sartorial looks at the time of the occurrence.

While 85% of the women facing sexual aggression never contact the health centre’s, the show revived victims to prevail over their fears and contact rape help centre’s at their first. It was intended to make sufficient realise that only the rapist needs to be responsible for a rape not the victim. The trusts significant act highlighted the cause which needs immediate attention in countries where rape is increasing at an alarming rate.

What’s in a size? 

Lakme Fashion Week in 2018 yet again approved forward the theme of completeness with the opening of ‘Half Full Curve’ edition. It proved that plus-size can be fashionable even without camouflaging the ‘trouble areas’.  Women all over the world feel empowered as these full-figured females shed the conventional floats, the shapeless yard of chiffon for well-thought-out peplums and pleats.This modest and bold presentation by Rixi and Tinka question a variety of barometers of beauty. It was not just about sizes. Dusky models and octogenarians walked the ramp with pride that questioned every person who had told them they were too fat or too old to be models.

Plunging necklines that accentuate bosoms, silk maxis that hug the curve wonderfully, and off-shoulder overcoats that accentuate uplift chins gave a new meaning to the buzzword we have relegate just for hashtags. We cannot create body positivity by measly attempts like fixing a full-size model in an array of zero size figures and refraining from calling someone fat. Instead of fishing for euphemisms, we should realize that fat is beautiful. Artist Maia Ruth Lee walked the ramp stylishly and conceitedly flaunt her baby bump. The dazzling model who was wearing a light purple colored snap-front cardigan dress, movable at the middle of the walk to reveal her pregnant belly. Since the sight of a pregnant woman walking the ramp is rare, fashion aficionado was

seen applaud the model as she broke the stereotype linked with a set body image. Lee’s act exposed that pregnant women have every right to be represented in the world of fashion and their bodies shouldn’t be concealed.

Height doesn’t define beauty 

In 2014, the event International Dwarf Fashion Show was held in Dubai, where models who were four feet tall made a being there on the runway. The show was aimed to change the perception of the people and lift up consciousness to show that beauty can be highlighted in many forms.

It convey the message that in order to be a predictable model  one doesn’t need to hold the traits of being tall and slender. The fashion affair encompasses 15 models who were recruit from a plethora of countries.

In sparkling bodycon dresses and bright blown up saris, the models sashay down an unprepared garden runway under a heart-shaped arch of flowers. The runway models clad with creations designed by American Wardrobe in New York City astounded the audience with their self-assurance.

Strength has no gender 

Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) with its wealth of knowledge has prove to be an ambassador of progressive thought in Pakistan for quite a lot of years. With the 11th edition of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) that took place from 9th to 11th March 2018 in Lahore, PFDC yet again used art and design to highlight social ills that are eating away the fabric of our society.



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