I will tell you 6 most important technologies


1:Autonomous Driving:

Autonomous vehicles self-control gain an important position in the year 2020. Research is viewing that 30 percent of new cars will contain a self-driving mode. Amazon by now an ongoing experiment with autonomous pack up delivery. Autonomous deliverance robots are at present manufacture the rounds in Washington state. Google by now started autonomous taxies in California which already transported more than 6200 people in the first month. Apart from on or after this, Audi, BMW, APTIV, and further companies are started to invest in autonomous driving to continue and improve their value in the global marketplace.

2:5G data:

5th invention data connection comes into use by late 2018 but in the very little sector. This data link will give us super-fast internet uploading and downloading speed and an extra stable connection. The accessibility of a 5G data connection is just in major cities and very expensive as sound. 2020 will be the year while 5G data connection will be cheaper and the accessibility of it will add to as well. Countries like China, Australia, Germany, the U.S. already using 5G Data for marketable purposes.

3:AI as a service:

AI is one of the most progressive technologies which previously received a lot of concentration in the past 5 years. It will be the most significant and progressive technology for future years and this development will continue in 2020 in more structured and explicit ways.at present, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft is working with AI such as navigation app, Smartphone personal assistant, home assistant, etc. by 2020 AI will become a full-fledged sector where people will find more scope as a service.

4:Blockchain technology:

These days when people listen to the term Blockchain, the initial thing in their mind is cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Apart from that blockchain can give security that is useful in much additional aspects. FedEx is one of the biggest shipment company which deal with billon of dollars and they are the most well-known logistics organization company. They started using Blockchain technology into their supply chain management. Right now they are using blockchain to track and identify the high-value shipments. Microsoft is an extra multinational technology company that started using blockchain technology when people didn’t yet know what blockchain is, which early 2014 is. They are planning to organize their cloud-based computing tune-up using blockchain technology in the future year.

5:Internet of Things:

The IoT is, in fact, a system which make a connection with things which people make use of in their daily life through the internet. further, especially it is a system of the device which is interconnected device or machines with exclusive identification. Internet of things evolved with real-time analytics, machine learning. The wonderful application of IoT is Smart home. For instance, Apple home kit through which a user can control their home appliances via their iPhone and Apple watch as well. It is the beginning of IoT and already the industries reached 8.4 billion and by 2020 experts are expecting it will hit 0 billion. If we can merge AI with IoT then the chances of road accidents can decrease a lot. There is a lot of potentials like in manufacturing, agriculture, and metropolitan scale development such as a smart city. There are a lot of possibilities in this sector.

6:Cyber security:

Cybersecurity or computer security is not an up-and-coming technology but within 2020 it will develop more that is why this subject in this list. In future years institutions that makes and stock up a large amount of data or creates software hackers will goal those companies more. For that cause, companies are building a dissimilar sector only to making sure that their data is protected so that illegal access can be prohibited. Countries like Canada, China, U.S., India have their National Cybersecurity policies and they are working on this to make it strong in upcoming days.




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